The end of 2017, I made my first t-shirt in my home using my mother’s childhood sewing machine. At the time, my Grandmother was in town and her generosity to show me the ropes helped push me to cut up some fabric I bought locally and sew it together to create my first garment; no hemming or ribbing and no overlocking. A year and a half later I’m releasing my first collection for my brand Deal with Devil.

The conviction I had for this brand since the beginning has never changed. Inspired by the brands from some heavy hitters within the fashion industry and my own experiences of dealing with my inner demons I came to this cultural idea “deal with the devil” and felt some connection to it. I had felt that I had a battle for my own inner peace and the demons inside my head had really grown to an unhealthy level. I was making a deal with the devil trading emotion for functionality. It hit hard, and I knew playing on that would be the perfect way eluding to deal with devil, and the demons inside yourself and how everyone has these battles within themselves.

I had the name, I needed the pieces, so I could launch a brand that can provide product but also propose my perspective and story.

deal with devil black devil long sleeve mid-shot.

“The reason I have this conviction is because of the emotional foundation of the brand and what it can be worth to others.”

deal with devil tanned white everyday hoodie back neck with embroiderd devil signature

The start of the new year in 2018 I began designing and hand-crafting clothing, designing and coding the Deal with Devil website from scratch and pushing myself mentally and physically to grow throughout the year, to pursue the first collection I was striving for. As far as I know it’s the details that matter most, and this meticulous reviewing of each pixel on the site and each stitch on the garments. It was all important. It gave me hope. It gave me a platform I could be proud of.

“And finally, in 2019, my first collection. All the work over the past year and a half I have something I can show and welcome into people’s wardrobes.”

founder lachlan sonter